Who writes this stuff?

Tasting a selection of Indian wine

Tasting a selection of Indian wine

Well, I suppose it’s time I introduce myself.

My name is Shakira. No, not the famous Colombian singer. I’m a London-bred foodie, wino and aspiring entrepreneur. When not thinking about wine or my business ventures, you can find me running in Hyde Park or scoffing spicy tuna maki rolls somewhere in Marylebone.

After graduating from the London School of Economics in 2012 with a degree in political science, I worked for Fidelity Worldwide Investment for two years in mutual fund distribution. In February 2014, while at Fidelity, I launched the wine app Grapeful after spotting a gap in the market for a user-friendly, light-hearted and free tool that simplifies the world of wine. If you’re interested in the backstory behind the venture, click here.

What started out as a fun hobby (and an excuse to drink wine) quickly turned into a true passion with real business potential. I took the plunge in the summer of 2014 to leave my job and focus on my passions: wine and tech.

In addition to my app, I’m working away at another venture called Grapeful Gather. Although I don’t want to give away too much right now, essentially it is a browsing and booking platform for wine tastings and courses – so you can “spend less time searching and more time sipping” (hooray!). The online marketplace will launch in January 2015, stay tuned for updates.

I write a blog reasonably regularly and I send out weekly e-newsletters to my wine-loving friends. If you’re a wine drinker, I’d love to share my views with you – click here if you’re interested. I promise I won’t spam you.

If you have a question – or even if you just want to tell me about an awesome wine you had – feel free to drop me a line at shakira[at]grapefulapp.com.

Happy drinking!

Shakira Chanrai
Co-founder & CEO, Grapeful



The app that helps you wine while you dine.

So what’s Grapeful all about? 

I like to call it “the app that helps you wine while you dine”. Grapeful helps you pair food with wine, view restaurant wine lists, impress a date with geeky facts about wine, explore wines by occasion, country, retailer and style, and much more. It is currently available for iOS and Android devices. Check out the two videos below!

If you are looking for the press release, you can access it here: bit.ly/1ydygpL



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