Hello! I’m still alive.

Eating and indulging over the Christmas period

The subtlety of my eating over Christmas

Hands in the air – I have been atrociously, diabolically, nefariously inattentive to my blog over the last two weeks. My excuse? I have been busy indulging in mince pies, port, Champagne, mince pies, Pomerol, turkey, Indian wine, oh did I mention mince pies?

Fortunately for my waistline, the festive period has come to an end (although my Christmas tree is standing defiantly tall) which means normality and sobriety are gradually being restored. 

You may ask – why Indian wine? At ridiculous o’clock in the morning on Boxing Day, I jumped on a flight to Mumbai for a friend’s wedding. You can imagine my delight when I was greeted by selection of wine from India and beyond (Rhone, Tuscany, Champagne). I will soon publish a full write-up of the joys Maharashtra (the state in which Mumbai is located) has to offer.

Overall, my trip was a lot of fun, aside from a minor injury sustained by my friend when a stubborn screw cap bottle refused to open. There was a knife, some blood, and many expletives, but the end result was victorious: humans 1, screw cap 0.  I’m currently working on a write-up of this stressful battle.

update 4.1.15

From L-R: the infamous screw cap battle (should have chosen a bottle with a cork…); the groom riding in to the wedding on a horse; posing by the selection of India’s big brands – Sula, Grover and Fratelli


Stay tuned for another update from me over the next couple of days. Next week we say goodbye to the Christmas makeover of my app, Grapeful. Life has to go on, doesn’t it?

Speaking of makeovers, this blog is going to have one soon. New layout, new design, new hosting service, new everything. Except for the author and content, obviously.

Finally, a great way to end 2014 – my app was featured in The Sun online as travel app of the week. Yay! 


Adios for now!

Grapeful is a free app that helps you pair food with wine. It is free to download for iPhone, iPad and Android devices – visit http://www.grapefulapp.com for more information. Sign up for updates here (you won’t regret it).

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