Which wine should you order on a first date?

Joke - is this a date? No it's a fig.There are two kinds of first date: the one that goes well, and the one that​, err, ​doesn’t.

In the former scenario, the conversation flows as fast and​ is​ as captivating as the wine​. You barely notice the dwindling bottle on your table because you’re so engaged with the smooth talker across the table. Or maybe you’re too busy playing footsie.

You should select a wine that is ubiquitous enough that your date doesn’t recoil in horror (read: stay away from White Zinfandel), interesting enough to ​be a credible conversation starter, and moderate enough so that your date looks in your beautiful eyes rather than the wine glass. New World Pinot Noir would be my choice.

Young couple sharing a glass of red wine in restaurant

The latter type of date (admit it – you’ve been there) has seen its incidence rise with Tinder’s popularity. Your ​companion is either as bland as a paper napkin or as offensive as an Ebola costume on Halloween. ​Either way, the situation isn’t great and you’re probably Googling the process of acquiring a restraining order.

You absolutely must add some excitement to the date by choosing a wine with real character​. A ​wine that teases you with her exotic aromas, draws you in with her tantalis​ing​ citrus​ ​flavours, cleanses you with her ​balanced ​acidity. I can only be talking about Riesling – a grape variety that you can have a conversation with while you ignore your date.


Image credit: 1cita, runwithme

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