Why I have been so quiet

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Grapeful HQ for now.

I’m not sure if anyone has observed that I’ve been a bit inattentive to my blog over the last month. If you have indeed noted my authoring negligence and are concerned about my whereabouts (like my darling mother often is), rest assured I am sitting at the same desk working away at being a winepreneur.

So what on earth has kept me so busy?

1. An update to Grapeful. We released an(other) update to the app last week which required a bit of a content overhaul. All of the content related to fish had to be re-written (I’m tempted to blame pescetarians for all of those late nights). It was, however, for a greater good – fish and wine pairings are not only easier to navigate to, but also more comprehensive. Yay!


2. Some boring tech faffing (and some involuntary reflection on how time flies). The first domain I bought (grapeful.co.uk) is up for renewal next month. An ostensibly unexciting fact, I know, but what it means is that a year has passed since the venture’s inception. Once I overcame this vexing feeling of anxiety, I started thinking more sensibly and, along with Vikas, made the decision to migrate the website and app over to a new domain (grapefulapp.com). Nothing in life is simple, and domain switching is certainly no exception. It has plagued my day-to-day schedule with its own logistical drama that I won’t bore you with.

3. A new venture. Yes, really! blog logoI love going to wine tastings but tend to rely on word of mouth to hear about them, and Googling “wine tasting London” throws up 7.28 million search results (try it yourself) which is arguably not a particularly efficient way of finding events. Since Vikas and I want to turn Grapeful into a giant wine and tech revolutionising octopus, we have decided to build an online marketplace for wine tastings and courses – the new venture is called Grapeful Gather. We plan to launch a functioning prototype by early December so keep your eyes peeled; you can follow us on Twitter in the meantime. We’re so excited.

4. Pitching Grapeful to anyone who will listen. My last blog post covered a pitch I won at Google Campus last month; since then I have pitched at AppsJuction, an app-specific startup event, and next week I’m presenting at Wine Meets Tech III, a semi-annual tasting event hosted by wine retailer Humble Grape.pitch

5. Going to wine tastings. In spite of the aforementioned gap in the market for a browsing and booking platform for wine-related events, I have found myself at a number of wine tastings over the past few weeks. I have my Dad to thank for that (and for the associated weight gain). The most memorable one was at Handford Wines in Chelsea, covering wine from the region of Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy. It was both a vertical tasting (different vintages of the same wine) and a horizontal tasting (different wines of the same vintage). I’m lucky enough to be going to a Château Latour (one of the most renowned wine estates in Bordeaux) masterclass next week too.Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.15.07

6. Drinking wine. This month’s favourites include an award-winner from the Douro Valley in Portugal and a 2002 vintage Champagne. Both delicious in their own ways.

So there you have it – a series of not-so-brief excuses as to why I have been lax about blogging. I’ve also discovered a great boot camp class near Great Portland Street which forces me out of bed at 6am. Yes, I know the whole point of becoming an entrepreneur is being able to control my own hours (i.e. enjoy comparative lie-ins) but for some strange reason I have become a morning person. Eurgh. It’s dark at 6am, how gross is that?

Have a great week!

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