A taste of Brangelina

brangelina 2 Breaking news: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in France last weekend.

Now, I wouldn’t normally give two hoots about this. The marital status of Brangelina – or any illustrious Hollywood duo for that matter – isn’t of significant concern to me.

So why are you writing about it?, I hear you ask.

Because the wedding took place at Brangelina’s huge Château in Provence. But they don’t just holiday in Provence, no sir. They also produce wine in Provence!

Granted, you probably won’t see Brad or Angelina rolling up their sleeves to pick grenache grapes off the vine by hand. However, the so-called King and Queen of Hollywood have teamed up with the renowned Perrin family to produce a rosé named after their 1,000-acre estate, Château Miraval. The celeb factor, glam appeal and an aesthetically-pleasing bottle shape has resulted in strong demand for the product: when the first vintage (2012) launched, 6000 bottles sold out within just five hours.

The wine is a pale salmon colour that is typical of Provençal rosés. It is dry and is made from a variety of grapes (grenache, syrah, cinsault and rolle). It is priced at £17.99 – perhaps not eyebrow-raisingly high but certainly more expensive than most of its counterparts. It can be bought from Berry Brothers as well as Majestic.

The producer’s tasting notes describe the wine as “an intense nose lead [sic] by white flowers, little red berries, freshly crushed strawberries and notes of ripe Morello cherries. The mouth has a beautiful bouquet; round and soft with aromas of cherries, wild strawberries and a mineralilty representative of the Terroir giving the wine great freshness and a slight saltiness”.

Brangelina aren’t the only celebs jumping on the wine bandwagon. Drew Barrymore, Lil Jon and Madonna are on the list too.


The Pitt-Jolie holiday home. Not too shabby, huh?

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