Introducing… the Wine World Cup

You may have noticed that the FIFA World Cup is firmly underway. It seems to have instilled a certain amount of “World Cup fever” in everyone; most people are uncharacteristically patriotic during this gripping event. That’s why we have decided to host a Wine World Cup – while the footballers battle it out on the pitch, we are challenging their nation’s winemakers to thrill us.ImageSo… what exactly are you talking about? Good question – let us explain. The team behind Grapeful has chosen one wine for each of the 32 nations participating in the group stages. Some choices are obvious – Spain is represented by a Rioja Blanco, France has a Champagne, and of course the US has a classic Zinfandel. Some are less obvious (for example Iran – not known nowadays for its prolific wine production – is represented by a Shiraz because it is believed that the name of this grape comes from the Iranian city of the same name. Many believe that the Syrah grape originated from there and not from France).

What does this mean for me? When you are next watching a football match, whether it is at home, a friend’s house or a pub, we encourage you to drink a wine from each of the competing nations. If you can’t have both (yes we know that Cameroonian wine is not easily accessible in the UK), get in the spirit anyway and have one. Or improvise!

Why should I do that? Why not? It’s good fun and a great way to get into the spirit of the match (it is akin to wearing a team shirt). Let us know when you’ve hosted your own Wine World Cup match; send us pictures and the names of the wines you drank and we’ll enter you in a draw to win a magnum of White Burgundy (we’ve tried it – delicious).

Any feedback, comments or want to send us pictures of your match? We’d love to hear from you:


Grapeful is a mobile app that helps you pair wine with food, discover new wine styles, view wine lists of certain restaurants, share wines with friends, impress a date with fun facts about wine, and much more. The app is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2 thoughts on “Introducing… the Wine World Cup

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