Blended beauty

Unless you are drinking rosé or Champagne, it isn’t particularly common to find a wine that is a blend of red and white grapes. The exception, however, is in the northern part of the Rhône Valley in France. You will often find wines made of the Syrah grape with a bit of Viognier blended (generally between 5-10%).


This practice of blending the grapes Syrah and Viognier is exactly what the winemaker has done to produce this beauty. On the nose you will find intense aromas of red fruit and just a touch of spice; when you taste it, expect a brilliant burst of ripe fruit flavours. The Viognier element of this wine contributes a smooth texture with an almost aromatic profile, making it a sheer pleasure to drink. It is relatively young for a Rhône red but can still be drunk now – whilst it probably won’t knock your socks off, it is chock full of flavour and certainly worth a try. Ideally drink with food – we’d sit it next to lamb burgers on a cool, crisp weekend. As the French say – santé!

Try the wine (we got ours at Vinoteca Marylebone, London)


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The seller says:

From the dream partnership of the Perrin family (Ch de Beaucastel in Chateauneuf du Pape) and Nicolas Jaboulet (northern Rhone royalty), this Syrah Viognier is irresistible. Ripe red fruit, seductive texture, hints of blossom & peach.


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