Pick a Picpoul

Sit back. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on a beach in the South of France; the sun is shining and in your hand is a glass of chilled white wine. This is the perfect scenario for a Picpoul de Pinet: a bone-dry white that is delicate yet invigorating at the same time. This beauty from Roberson Wine is bursting with aromas of lemon, but it manages to retain the characteristic minerality of the grape. We give this wine a thumbs up – a great choice for the weekend.

If you try this wine, please share your thoughts using the poll below. Thanks, and happy weekend!

pick a picpoul

The seller says:

Picpoul de Pinet is enjoying a surge in popularity right now. While it can be overly austere, this is a brilliant example of the bone-dry style done just right.

Dry and refreshing, yet with a lovely fresh fruit character and a satisfying mouthfeel, this is a really gluggable white at a great price, wonderful with seafood or on its own, and exclusive to Roberson. What are you waiting for?

Try me!

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