Why I am not giving up sugar for Lent

Today may be the first day of Lent, but Sauternes is one of the reasons I am not giving up sugar this year. A well-made Sauternes exemplifies opulence: it is gloriously rich – with notes of honey, apricots and marmalade – whilst retaining a fresh and balanced acidity. This dessert wine, sold by the co-operative The Wine Society, is produced by the Dubourdieu family who own a number of properties in Bordeaux. It is a joy to drink and, if you have any pancakes leftover from Shrove Tuesday, goes brilliantly with a range of desserts.


The seller says:

The Society’s Exhibition Sauternes is the epitome of modern Sauternes: pure and pristine fruit balanced with freshening acidity and enjoyable at all stages of its long life. It is a blend of 64% Semillon, 34% Sauvignon Blanc and 1% Muscadelle, which is aged in 25% new oak and keeps beautifully for three to ten years.

Buy me!

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